Thursday, June 6, 2019

Points to be kept in mind by travel agents when choosing a DMC partner

A Destination Management Company works as an extension to a travel agency providing an insight to the destination in sight. A DMC has the capacity of organizing transfers, lodging, hosting occasions, conferences and many other options. A DMC is the only body that can provide desired quotes for tour change services. An expert DMC will ensure to keep itself updated as per the standards, and practices within the DMC enterprise. It is essential to attain excellence and incorporate moral business practices in order to exist in the tourism segment. A DMC should be efficient in handling itinerary advent which serves as the key element of staying organized and making it lucrative for the first-time travellers. The DMCs can be chosen on the basis of the comparable tours and activities you want.
Relevant Experience
Having a fair amount of experience with similar tours and offerings is an important aspect of selecting a DMC of a travel agents choice and desire.
Financial Stability
It is crucial that the DMCs should have a financial stability to make the customers from all over the world with different minds assured of their economic assets and credit worthiness.
Being well-connected and networked is of primary importance to fulfil the expectations of the customers to make them come back again and again. A well-established contact with the authorities of different bodies is highly crucial.
Solid Partnerships
The partnership between the travel agency and the DMC and the strong relations with the customers is of utmost importance to make the service notable and the visit smooth.
Adequate Resources
The DMC should specialize within the said and expected variety of offerings to gain the trust of the customers.
Check whether they are good marketers
It is important for the DMC to have a local understanding of the area in order to promote it. Installation and application of tourism strategies determines the capability of a good DMC.
DMCs have time and again been proven beneficial in case of MICE trips. In a foreign land, it is best to trust a DMC as they have the ability to organize the meetings, conventions, exhibitions, conferences etc. They bridge the gap of any uncertainity related to foreign money, language, custom boundaries etc.
Familiarization tours (FAMs) prove to have an bright scope to get to realize the tour operators, DMOs, and destination marketers. DMCs offerings range from business to entertainment, specializing in designing and imposing corporate programs. A DMC is well equipped to market and strategize advertising of a destination. Working with various government and industry contacts, DMCs can offer small to medium-sized agencies in toolkits. The final evaluation of the tour put together with the price added would be lesser if compared to a tour agent’s budget. Business travel managers of DMCs are aware of the strained and budgeted trips and all the applications are achieved keeping in mind the price sensitivity.
It is essential to preserve relationships with a minimum of three capability DMCs to compare the costs and get high-quality charge for the provider.
A full breakdown of commissions, hidden charge, and costs is important to be procured before contracting with a DMC, test factors like:
 Demographic information
 Legal shape of the enterprise
 Business licenses as required by using law
 The actual Certificate of Insurance

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Know about the benefits of working with a destination management company

The major role of Destination Management Company’s (DMCs) is of taking care of the customers once they reach their destination, with a string of activities done like providing transfers, coordinating for accommodations, offering activities and themed events, amongst few others. Tour Operators and DMCs work hand-in-hand to ensure a hassle-free and memorable experience for travelers. A DMC typically possesses an extensive knowledge of the area and has multiple connections all over.
Benefits of working with a  Destination Management Company:
 A DMC means add all the traveling destinations and markets it for everyone to see.  They are dependant on their clients once they arrive at their onset destination. Every tour operator uses distinct DMCs that have a huge understanding of that area. The destination management professionals know about the traveler’s quest to get the best of the place they spend money to visit.
 Lower costs given the DMC’s continued collaboration with the best local suppliers
 DMCs provide the tour operators and staff with proper transportation at all times. They share information about the people and culture of the area that is useful and that agents could communicate with their clients.
 Customized deals can also be arranged by the DMCs with special treatment, transfers, and upgrades.
 It is important to know your DMCs before booking a tour. Hence, thorough research is advised.
 The single point of contact for making all kinds of necessary arrangements.
 DMCs conduct site inspections for travel agents who visit a destination on their own, and make their trip an official one.
DMCs are a one-stop shop for when you're planning a trip to a city that you are not familiar with and want to explore.
Few other benefits of working with a DMC specialist with wide experience in the tourism  field is stated below :
 Supreme knowledge of the destination
 Increase in the budget, organization, and operation processes
 Optimum usage of material and human resources
 Choice of suitable suppliers
 A quick response given its vast supplier’s directory
 Quality assurance with the services of the supplier
 Tour creation based on the needs of customers
 The decrease of stress for the customers and operators
Essential to know the following points about a DMC :
 Should know about the past reputation
 Confirm it’s financial stability
 Ask about the type of insurances they offer to the customers
 Validate all their permits and licenses in the working destination
 The staff working there should be qualified and skilled
 Must request for references
 Be aware of the level of technology they work with
 Seek clarity if they belong to any association or international certification
They can arrange for special access to venues & vendors that you normally wouldn’t be able to visit. Also, they prove to be cost-effective and affordable given the volume of businesses they do with local vendors, which eventually lets you get better pricing.
Few DMCs also provide additional insurance protection with an additional cost during your travel. A team of professionals helps manage the trip which allows one to focus on the other most exciting things while on a tour.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Destination Management company – what’s the need?

A destination management company is a third-party firm that is used to provide professional services for the planning and execution of programs and services outside the town premises. Its value depends on the company's extensive knowledge of the local area as well as its association with the local resources.
Why does one need a DMC :
❖ Need a local planner who knows the local resources like the caterers, transportations services, hotels to name a few providing the best service within a reasonable budget
❖ Need a local planner who understands the cultural norms and expectations
❖ Need a local planner who knows where and how to find the greatest entertainment, amazing food
What all should be kept in consideration to finalize a DMC:
❖ Local expertise and knowledge
DMC’s are well rooted in their local environment and have an in-depth knowledge of the accommodation, venues, and activities in the local area. Can give recommendations based on their past experiences.
❖ Should be a creative partner
Good DMCs will take the brief and would create something that will impress your guests. With every destination having something unique to offer, the task of every DMC is to find the most innovative way to present the place within the desired budget.
❖ Strong bonding with the local resources
A DMC’s relationship with its suppliers is critical when it comes to incentive and the planning of a visit. Along with a good association, the resources should also be able to quote best prices, flexibility and onsite assistance.
❖ In touch with visitors at all times
In case of a problem, the DMC should be there to provide help and solutions.
❖ Value client relationship
DMC’s should understand and value the relationship with the clients.
❖ Should have a sufficient amount of experience and expertise
This would help in visiting the best places without wasting the time of the visitors.
❖ Networks all across the line of travel
Networking from the tourism industry to the locals, DMCs should have a 360-degree communication channel.
❖ Premium quality pre and post-visit service
From providing quality information to services, DMCs are many, however, each one has to have a differentiation factor for the travelers to show their trust in them.
❖ Should diminish the barrier of effective communication
This could be done by overcoming troubles faced due to different languages and improve the experience the overall experience of the visitor by making their journey and stay memorable as well as smooth.
❖ Should be high on commitment
All things promised are to be taken care of, along with showing a tremendous amount of dedication and concern for the visitors, who entrust them with their faith.
❖ Should be able to make the customer’s experience unforgettable
By minimizing all the hurdles and obstacles that could arise in the way of the customers, the experience of the clients can be made worthwhile.
❖ Saves on the customer’s research time
With all the answers at one stop, a DMC would save the time of the client and show them the best around.
❖ Should have a strong buying power which allows getting better rates
Strong relations would result in getting the best rates from the known local resources.

Australia vs. New Zealand – Which is Your Calling!

Australia and New Zealand have both the dream destination of beach lovers, backpackers, food fanatics and wanderers in general. Both these countries because of being located close to each other are similar on a lot of fronts. Some of the areas where both can be accounted as completely different are listed below :
 Landscape & Climate – Australia is a relatively dry country with red dusty deserts and tropical regions, whereas New Zealand is much greener with a maritime climate which is majorly affected by the ocean conditions.
 Expenses & Infrastructure – Australia is generally more expensive than New Zealand especially in the season. The airfare is also more for Australia as it has a larger tourism infrastructure as well.
 Landmarks - Australia being the larger country with more prominent cities tends to outnumber New Zealand in terms of the bucket list items. New Zealand’s landmarks are restricted to the natural ones.
 City Life & Food – When it comes to city comforts, Australia outstrips New Zealand as it offers the trendiest nightclubs, bars and massive shopping centers. Whereas, the natural highlights of New Zealand overshadow the city life. Australia has a more culinary fusion but both the countries rely largely on seafood.
 Activities - As Australia is a warmer country with plenty of beaches and islands to explore, it offers many water adventures in the summer time. New Zealand, on the other hand, is more popular for hiking and all kinds of outdoor adventures.
Now, on basis of a few questions, we may be able to come to a conclusion :
1. Which country can be covered more extensively in one trip?
New Zealand is almost 29 times smaller than Australia in terms of the coverage area of landmass, making it easier to cover the country as compared to the vastly spread Australia.
2. Which country has more opportunities for wildlife-viewing?
      Australia is heaven for wildlife-lovers with friendly kangaroos, furry koalas, sleepy echidnas amongst a whole lot of animals. On the contrary, New Zealand houses yellow-eyed penguins, kiwis and beautiful marine life.
3. Which country is better for budget travelers?
The price of travel is similarly expensive in both countries.
4. Which country has more scenic nature?
Both are picturesque countries, however, New Zealand’s beauty is warm, compact and glorious, given the lush valleys, waterfalls, peaks and lakes.
5. Which country has more exciting cities?
Australia has a string of exciting cities with endless fun to pacify everyone in the family. Themeparks, cafes, beaches, shopping malls, Australia seems to be roaring with enjoyment. Whereas, the cities in New Zealand are way beyond the concretes into the lap of nature.
6. Which country has a better food scene?
Australia has a fusion of different dining options pushing the culinary boundaries and having a host of international cuisines.
7. Which country has a more intriguing culture?
Given the stories, culture and natural offerings, New Zealand is more intriguing than Australia.
8. Which country dominates the adventure activities scene?
Both countries are similar in their offerings related to adventure activities and adrenaline-inducing sports.
On a concluding note, It is completely a personal choice when it comes to choosing the one more suited to your idea of a vacation!

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Take the expert advice and plan your vacation to Australia & New Zealand

Complete opposites of each other, Australia and New Zealand together are a perfect package. On one hand, there is Australia, a treat for adventure seekers, as it has on offer a string of outdoor activities ranging from witnessing the Great Barrier Reef to water sports like snorkelling and scuba diving. Whereas, on the other hand, is New Zealand has scenic natural beauty comprising of caves, cliffs and rainforests. Instead of researching extensively on Google, it is best to take advice from the experts who’ve done it and seen it all.
Highlights of Australia :
❖ Ayers Rock is a must visit
❖ Cuddle the Koala at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane or the Kuranda Koala Gardens in Cairns
❖ Don’t forget to eat the great food offered
❖ Home to vineyards, it is must stop for a wine-tasting and some gourmet lunch
❖ Take a sunset dinner cruise through Sydney Harbor.
❖ Take a tour of the popular Sydney Opera House
❖ One of the trains of the Great Southern Rail, the Ghan is superb for a journey from Alice Springs to Adelaide.
❖ Head towards the Penguin Parade at Phillip Island Here, you can watch the penguins return home at sunset every night of the year.
❖ In Melbourne, the Laneways and Arcades walking tour is a must, guiding you through a nursery collection of eateries and shops.
Highlights of New Zealand :
❖ A farm stay with a local Kiwi family would be thrilling
❖ A visit to the natural Ruakuri Caves is completely advisable! Take a tour of the caves to see rock formations and blue lights of the glowworm grotto.
❖ Cruise around Milford Sound, a body of water fact
❖ At Auckland, Waitemata Harbor should be on your itinerary
❖ Visit the famous volcanoes and geothermal sites, like Rotorua, which is a steaming cauldron of the Earth’s magnitude
❖ The Queenstown Gondola to Bob’s Peak is a definite yes!
With so much to do across the two different landscapes, Australia and New Zealand are beautiful and delightful destinations attracting travellers from the world over. Together they make your vacation an unforgettable and multi-destination grand tour.
❖ Driving on the same side of the road – Amongst the few similarities, driving on the same side of the road will create less of a confusion
❖ Perfectly Contrasting Landscapes on offer – Despite being neighbours down under, both the countries possess varied sort of beauties and attractions
❖ Distinct Aboriginal and Maori Native Cultures – A stark difference can be noticed in their way of eating, dressing and living
❖ Each Country has Unique Wildlife – Aussies have the kangaroos, koalas and Kiwis have the yellow-eyed penguins, glowworms, fur seals and Kea parrots
Irrespective of you moving from the west to east or east to west, it is advised to stop off with individually booked one-way tickets to make sure it’s all covered. Given their own unique culture, history and landscapes, you could feel like being on two separate vacations at the same time. Two vacations mean twice as many stories to tell when you get over with your vacation. These two mount up to being destinations awaiting to give you that once in a lifetime experience!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Destination Management Company – Reliable or Not?

Destination management companies carry on them a big responsibility of the trust of thousands of travelers, who depend upon their expertise, knowledge, services and resources to make their travel a success. As a traveler, if one aims at minimizing their uncertainty in the travel plans and reduce the stress of traveling, it is essential to hire a reliable service provider. It is essential to do thorough research and finalize a DMC that would understand your needs and curate a plan for you. DMCs work with an aim of maximizing customer experience and ensuring they are provided with what they want.
The key factors for choosing a suitable DMC :
❖ A local DMC: A local DMC could guarantee satisfaction to travelers and also be responsible for any request or issue of the tourist
❖ Recognition and License:  It is important to verify the authenticity of the DMC. The DMC should have an established track record of providing services to the clients through their expertise and market knowledge. The DMC should be licensed to conduct their operations across the globe. It should also be a trusted name in the industry and known to many in the market
❖ Ability to customize: A good DMC must be able to comprehend the needs of the traveler and translate it in a tour program which is value for money
❖ Professionalism: Responsive to the travelers and the agents to complete the circuit of communication
❖ DMC contributing to local community development through tourism development: A responsible DMC would hire local people and businesses for running the tour. This would ensure that the travelers experience the local life and it ultimately will also help in the economic development of the community
❖ House of ideas, information and insights:  A good DMC would always wish to understand the needs of the traveler and try and bridge any information gaps. They would offer the best suitable options and ensure to make you satisfied
❖ Support of a good operations team: A good DMC would make sure your travel is seamless and hassle-free by efficiently handling any situation
❖ Strong Contacts: Good relations and partnerships with the local suppliers and vendors, which would then ensure best rates and more attention
❖ Done site inspections: Before offering something, a good DMC would check and make sure of the service being offered to the traveler is suitable or not
❖ Good understanding of market and customer interests: A good DMC would analyze and study the market and then match the same with the needs and interests of the travelers, thereby maximizing their experience in totality
The growth and development of the tourism industry depend on the beauty, attractions and the novelty factor of the place. However, having said that, flawless service and the care to details supported by local Destination Management Companies also contributes to the well-being of the tourism sector. The role of DMC is just not restricted to showcasing and promoting the amazing locations for sightseeing but it also goes a step further to offer seamless service. These services can be of transportation, hotel accommodation, restaurants, excursions, overcoming language barriers, logistics, events, conferences and other activities. The choice of a DMC is an individual one, however, these points would definitely come handy when you plan your next travel!

Thursday, May 9, 2019

How to plan Trip for australia and new zealand


Australia and New Zealand mount up to two of the best places in the world situated right next to each other on the world map. Australia with its open spaces, beaches, natural wonders and deserts, whereas New Zealand with its majestic mountains, pasture land spread, pristine lakes and stunning natural beauty. Both places are vast in terms of coverage hence it is essential to plan travel in advance.

Reaching there could however be very expensive and e-visas should be applied on time to avoid any kind delay. Plan out possibilities of flying out of one city into another, giving an example of flying to Auckland out of Perth. Irrespective of you moving from the west to east or east to west, it is advised to stop off with individually booked one-way tickets to make sure it’s all covered.

Ideal Trip
An ideal trip is made when one blocks direct flights in order to save time and maximize the pleasure of the trip. In case, you choose to take the East to West route :

❖     Start from Auckland
❖     Reach Queenstown via flight and enjoy the buzzing South Island
❖     Then head to Melbourne to indulge in shopping and some great food
❖     Reach Sydney from Melbourne in just an hour
❖     From here, you have the options of heading out to Adelaide, Perth or Brisbane
❖     Fly out to home from this last stop
This plan could also be implemented in reverse, however, a very important thing to remember is that the seasons in the Northern Hemisphere are the opposite in Australia and New Zealand.
 World Wine
Depending on your choice of drink, you could either head towards Perth in Western Australia, which is known for its Cabernet Sauvignon from the Margaret River or towards Adelaide, that offers some of the world’s juiciest Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, from the McLaren Vale, Adelaide Hills and Barossa Valley regions. In case you would want to try some tropical Sauvignon Blanc or ripe Pinot Noir, New Zealand is the place for it.
Laid Back Beaches
New Zealand and Australia will make you spoilt for choices when it comes to witnessing the best beach beauty. Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne offer some popular beaches, but it’s Queensland which has the most stunning views on offer. The North Island of New Zealand is filled with picture-perfect beaches.
How much time is right?
It would be important to plan out your travel in a way that you are able to save time and put that saved time in acquiring a life-long experience. Say, for example, Auckland, Melbourne and Sydney can be covered in a period of two days, whereas for Queenstown, you at least require to spend four nights there.
Money, Money!
Australia and New Zealand both have high minimum wage standards, thereby contributing to a high quality of life. Therefore, it is important to note that the prices cannot be bargained here.

Must Take!
The list of must-have while visiting Australia :
❖     Carry an adaptor for charging
❖     Watch the television only if you are a football, rugby or a cricket lover
❖     Carry a higher SPF of sunscreen and you can burn in the scorching sun
❖     Mass transit, especially in Sydney and Melbourne is excellent
❖     Uber is operational in most places